02 August 2007

Balenciaga Accessories Adoration

Let's face it, Balenciaga is the only house that maintains edge, sophistication and modernity in every collection. Fix your eyes on these beauties for Fall 07.

22 July 2007

OAKLEY to do Balenciaga Sunglasses

The first ever Balenciaga sunglasses collection will be made by Oakley. Seems that sunglasses are the new accessory du jour, obviously our ever warming world and increased movement into urban centers with their glaring reflective glass towers of death, aka skyscrapers, has something to do with it. Perpetual summer is here.

Oakley's designs will be unveiled in October and are purported to have a futuristic, robotic but hand forged feeling to them, perhaps an allusion to infamous Balenciaga metal leggings from S/S 07 that have been in a million editorials.

Hirst does NY Fashion Week.

Damien Hirst is developing a collection with Levi's. The line will be called Warhol Factory X Levi's X Damien Hirst and will be shown first at Fashion Week in NYC in September.

Fashion & Art cross paths again.

What shall we expect? Pill covered skinny jeans would go over big. Easy access and instant popularity. got my vote!

21 July 2007

I'll eat your liver and still look fabulous.

Jean Paul Gaultier's latest ads are very intriguing... His recent couture collection uses influences from colonial times, and these ads are utilizing Maori face tattoos. In the mid 1800s, the Maori people in what is now called New Zealand were colonized by the british. The British were fascinated by the cannibalistic rituals of the Maori warrior... and taking note of the popularity of the Hannibal Lecter films, the rest of the western world still is as well.

"We now live in a world where those we once called exotic live among us, defining their own identities, precluding our ability to define ourselves in opposition to "others" and to represent our own culture as universal." source

20 July 2007

Happy Harry Potter Day!!!

Call Gringott's! Someone has turned their GAP gift certificate into AMEX black card!! Get into your Hogwart's best and have a perfect chic look for your Muggle existence.

First of all, don't be persuaded into buying flat boots, those Thestrals need a good stiletto in the ribs at the most important moments.

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Hogwarts gets drafty, this veregated pullover from Chloe will keep you warm even in Forbidden Forest in the dead of winter.

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Wear pants for those long, oh-so windy broom rides. This slim fitting pair from Rick Owens will keep your wizardly modesty at rest.

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TRUE COLORS. That's right, Hufflepuff, pretending to be Slitherin in this serpent belt from Roberto Cavalli on the weekends.

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For carrying wands, toads and the heads of your conquests, if you choose. Pick a messenger bag so your broom and wand hands are free!

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Top off your wizardly wardrobe with this asymmetrically cut coat from Vivienne Westwood or a landscape embroidered cape from Alexander McQueen!

17 July 2007

New Purse on the Block

Great lines on Longchamps' new Legende bag, coming out soon!