29 May 2007

H&M f/w 07.08 Campaign

H&M, queen of cheap-chic is offering it's latest collection, a heavily designer and vintage inspired effort. Lots of chunky knits, unique details and unusual, volumous sillouettes fill out the earthy, textural collection. Although very inspired by Marc Jacob's f/w 2006 collection, I still see the promise of a successful winter wardrobe in there! My picks are the sweaterdress, eyelet skinny pants, accordian dress and long chunky knit cardigan! Not to be worn all together at once of course.

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Jeff Buckley

Jeff Buckley died at the age of 30 in 1997 today. Although he never had a hit album, in fact he only ever released one record during his lifetime, yet he is highly regarded as an important musical influence for many contemporary musicians. That single album, "Grace" (1993) wasn't a firecracker on the charts when it was first released, but it quickly garnered critical acclaim. Today, "Grace" is on Time Magazine's top 500 Greatest Songs list. Additional albums have been released since Buckley's death, including "Mystery White Boy", "Live a l'Olympia" and "The Buckley EPs". Buckley had been working diligently on his next album prior to his tragic accidental drowning.

Hallelujah is considered to be Buckley's masterpiece, so make sure to listen and love. The ending is.. magical.



Last Goodbye

28 May 2007

Turner Prize 2007 nominations

This year's Turner Prize nominations have been announced! Zarina Bhimji, Nathan Coley, Mike Nelson and Mark Wallinger are the four lucky artists vying for the British Contemporary Artist prize. The winner will receive $50,000, each of the three runners up will receive $10,000. The results will be announced on December 3 at the Tate Liverpool. The exhibition will be open from October 19, 2007 until January 13, 2008 at the Tate Museum in Liverpool, a departure from the normal venue in London.

Each year, a young british artist under the age of 50 is awarded a cash prize for an exceptional exhibition in the previous year. The award was designed to bring the international critical lens to Britain's contemporary artists and is now regarded as one of the most important annual events in all of contemporary art.

Mike Nelson's huge, sprawling, immerssing installations attempt to transport the viewer into other worlds that may just exist. This is his second nomination for the Turner Prize and as such, is considered to be a strong contender.

Mirror Infill, 2006

Amnesiac Shrine or Double Coop Displacement

Nathan Coley was nominated for his work that "manifest the belief systems embedded in society and its architectures."
There Will Be No Miracles Here, 2006

Camouflage Synagouge 2006

Camouflage Church, 2006

Mark Wallinger's anti-war protest installation has gotten him into the inner circle this year, a second nomination for him as well, he was last short-listed in 1995. The judges have described Wallinger's work as "incredible, epic proportion that places the viewer inn the emotional field of the loneliness of protest". Wallinger is considered to be the forerunner in this year's nominations. His previous nomination does not guarantee a win this year, however his works were very well received and his subject matter is of uncompromising significance at this time.

Zarina Bhimji's atmospheric, haunting, alluring images that engage with "universal human emotions such as grief, pleasure, love and betrayal using non-narrative photography and film-making" have gotten her onto the shortlist.
Your Sadness is Drunk, 2001-2006

This Unhinged Her, 1998-2006

Tate Online
Guardian Unlimited Arts
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breaking step
absolute arts

27 May 2007

Pirate Chic from Net-a-Porter

Inspired by the hullabaloo that is Pirates of the Caribbean, a selection items for the chicest of all the modern pirates.

1. Chloe cover up. $335
2. Chloe dress. $550
3. Milly skirt. $135
4. Chloe bikini. $255
5. Zimmerman bikini. $150
6. Calypso pareo. $60
7. Alexander McQueen scarf. $205
8. Roberto Cavalli serpent bracelet. $590
9. Tom Binns$675
10. Roberto Cavalli lion bracelet. $325
11. Be & D grey leather purse. $970
12. Bottega Venetta purse. $3200
13. Marni Hobo. $1230
14. Bottega Venetta flat sandals. $380
15. Bottega Venetta strappy heels. $790
16. Miu Miu rope sandals $370
17. Stella McCartney raffia flats. $550
18. Kors flat sandals. $165

all items are from Net-a-Porter

24 May 2007

Summer Style 2007

my etsy
10. Kaftan print ipod case $13
9. electric blue & tiger dress $59
8. sterling silver anchor necklace $26
7. graphic print leather cuffs $16
6. ivory lace dress $135
5. mahogany teardrop earrings $32
4. technicolor print wallet $8
3. white drape blouse $45
2. handpainted skull scarf $63
1. chunky jewels $18 and up

upcoming pages: Electric Blue, Ivory, Printmix, Forged.
all images from etsy.com
author: me, glaceyeux.

Instant Karma : The Campaign to Save Darfur

You know what summer means right? Other than hot, sweaty indie kids at a festival... Summer means activism! Get off your butt and make a difference. Even if that difference is driving your hunkajunk down to the record shop and pick up a copy of this two-volume disk set of contemporary musicians covering John Lennon's songs! Over 50 musicians, the likes of Ben Harper, Postal Service, The Flaming Lips, Snow Patrol, U2, Green Day, R.E.M., Big & Rich, Christina Aguilera, Snow Patrol, Regina Spektor, Deftones, Ozzy Osbourne and Willie Nelson have all contributed their talents to this cause!

Yoko Ono donated the rights to all of late John Lennon's songs used for the campaign. "It's wonderful that, through this campaign, music that is so familiar to many people of my era will now be embraced by a whole new generation," Ono says. "John's music set out to inspire change, and in standing up for human rights, we really can make the world a better place."
main website

I'm especially excited about this CD, finding that all the songs are Lennon's. I will definetly buy my CD through iTunes just because "Jealous Guy" is one of my all-time favorite songs and that's only included in the extra iTunes exclusive 11 bonus tracks. Must-have the Deftones version!

Watch the original and see for yourself.
John Lennon "Jealous Guy"

REM's "Dream" cover

Green Day's "Working Class Hero" cover

Check out the commercial:

Track Listing:
Disc One:
U2 -- "Instant Karma"
R.E.M. -- "#9 Dream"
Christina Aguilera -- "Mother"
Aerosmith -- "Give Peace A Chance"
Lenny Kravitz -- "Cold Turkey"
Los Lonely Boys -- "Whatever Gets You Thru the Night"
Corinne Bailey Rae -- "I'm Losing You"
Jakob Dylan featuring Dhani Harrison -- "Gimme Some Truth"
Jackson Browne -- "Oh My Love"
Big & Rich -- "Nobody Told Me"

Disc Two:

Green Day -- "Working Class Hero"
Black Eyed Peas -- "Power to the People"
Jack Johnson -- "Imagine"
Snow Patrol -- "Isolation"
Matisyahu -- "Watching the Wheels"
Ben Harper -- "Beautiful Boy"
Postal Service -- "Grow Old With Me"
Jaguares -- "Gimme Some Truth"
Avril Lavigne -- "Imagine"
The Flaming Lips -- "(Just Like) Starting Over"
Regina Spektor -- "Real Love"

iTunes Exclusives:
Duran Duran - Instant Karma
Gavin Rossdale - Mind Games
Deftones - Jealous Guy
Ben Jelen - Woman
Meshell Ndegeocello - Imagine
Rocky Dawuni - Well Well Well
OAR - Borrowed Time
Widespread Panic - Crippled Inside
Emanuel Jal - Mother
Fab Faux - I Don't Wanna Face It
Yellowcard - Oh My Love

Buy the CD.

13 May 2007

Art Alert!

Found at source.

Absolutely terrifying and beautiful portraits, unlike anything seen before.

12 May 2007


Knut, the living teddy bear, so cute that his image has created a phenomenon in his hometown of Berlin, Germany. He is the first surviving baby bear in 30 years at Zoologischer Garten Berlin. His mother was a former circus performer and he was born with a twin brother, who died shortly after birth. With the recent trend in the media here in the US, I predict a landfall of notoriety for this young bear, akin to that of the media blitz that is Paris Hilton. He's already modeling and waving in the photos at his Zoo's website.

Why is Knut so damn cute? I think it's because he's the living embodiment of everything a teddy bear is, only warm, alive and playful! Infinetly better than a teddy bear. Except that there is much controversy surrounding this adorable plushie-like animal. Some have sounded off at the nuture over nature response of the Berlin Zoo. Knut was kept in an incubator for 44 days, he was born the size of a guinea pig and with his twin brother already dead, the zookeepers took Knut from his mother and raised him in captivity. Hand raising an animal in captivity is nothing new, nor is keeping premature animals in incubators to ensure their survival; yet it has been said that it would have been better to allow the animal to die, as it would have in the wild. Zookeepers would reply that there is much need to preserve species on this planet, in order to preserve ourselves. Keeping Knut alive, when so many polar bears are starving and even resulting to cannibalism in the Arctic source, is neccessary in the survival of the species. The Zoos are attempting to prop up the landslide, with the effects of global warming, over population, urban development and the spread of suburban environments the habitat of these animals is being directly effected source and it is causing a mass extinction unlike anything that has been seen since the dinosaurs. And that is the reality of our times.

Today, Knut is a celebrity in Germany, he's even been photographed by Annie Leibowitz for Vanity Fair.The German Environmental Minister officially adopted him and is using him as a mascot for the Berlin Zoo's Endangered Species and his image has been trademarked. You can listen to a pop song about Knut, you can buy Knut candies and Knut plushies, and soon you will be able to read a book about Knut from Scholastic Publishing. Knut's celebrity has spread so much in fact, that he has received death threats and has his own security patrol. He's just a few panty shots and vodka tonics shy from being the next It girl in Hollywood. With a heavy, heavy purse, Knut is the mascot to a failing world.



11 May 2007

ETSY is the name of the future!

Anyone who doesn't know what ETSY.COM is... is totally MISSING OUT!

Its this amazing site where everything must be handmade by the sellers! There are so many unusual and unique items, and you are buying from the artisan, artist or craftsman directly, such a luxury in our world of amss-produced crap.

Check it out, you won't regret it!
My Etsy