29 May 2007

Jeff Buckley

Jeff Buckley died at the age of 30 in 1997 today. Although he never had a hit album, in fact he only ever released one record during his lifetime, yet he is highly regarded as an important musical influence for many contemporary musicians. That single album, "Grace" (1993) wasn't a firecracker on the charts when it was first released, but it quickly garnered critical acclaim. Today, "Grace" is on Time Magazine's top 500 Greatest Songs list. Additional albums have been released since Buckley's death, including "Mystery White Boy", "Live a l'Olympia" and "The Buckley EPs". Buckley had been working diligently on his next album prior to his tragic accidental drowning.

Hallelujah is considered to be Buckley's masterpiece, so make sure to listen and love. The ending is.. magical.



Last Goodbye


Anonymous said...

I've been honoring Jeff Buckley today by thanking those musicians who have added a dimension to my life that goes beyond the norm. Music is the gift that keeps giving, beyond the death of the giver.

Thank you for remembering Jeff today as well.

scarygirl said...

Nice tribute. I too have been listening to him this week and today.
Incredible music.