24 April 2007

Make believe I'm at Coachella

This weekend is Coachella. I am almost exactly 2500 miles away from the event. I have decided to play pretend Coachella this weekend! Music playlist marathon, somewhat timed to the concert!

Check out the lineup & set times: http://www.coachella.com/event/set-times

I made my own faux schedule to play pretend Coachella:


I was toying with the idea of actually going, but that seems irresponsible as it would just about land me totally unable to move to SF for fall.

I wish I could go--- almost every band on my comp is playing. It feels wrong to not be going. I feel like it's a really important show and I am missing out. But looking at the schedule made me feel better... I would be so frustrated, trying to decide between missing some Interpol to see Sonic Youth, or god forbid, skipping the end of Sonic Youth to get good & close for Bjork. I realized that I also have to figure out a way to see 3-4 at a time some days! but I think it might be able to be done. I have some prepatory drawings for a helium inflated couch to hover above the crowd- maybe I can get a sail and catch some thermals off all the hot sweaty indie kids writhing below. I think that plan is much more realistic than getting Superman to fly around the world to turn back time (I don't think that is possible, Clark).

If I'm so inventive to make a helium couch, why aren't I inventive enough to find a way to teleport myself there? and back too. I like to sleep in my own bed.