02 July 2007

60 years of Christian Dior

Today is the couture show that will celebrate the last 60 years of fashion domination and revelry that is the house of Christian Dior. The first Christian Dior couture show was scheduled for 12 February 1947, and today, John Galliano will present a couture runway show at there Orangerie at Versailles, to commemorate his 10th year in addition to the 60th anniversary of the house of Christian Dior.

The couture collection is said to be based on famous artists from the past, Bottecelli, Picasso, Michelangelo. Paying homage to fine artists of our times has been undertaken before by Yves Saint Laurent looking at Dali, Ann Demeulemeester taking on Pollack and endless designers using Rothko's ambiguous landscapes.

The collection is also said to pay homage to the past designs of the house of Christian Dior. It should be the msot amazing show of the year, nothing new for Galliano.

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