08 June 2007

5 things to think about

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:
    Since realizing that the 7th book is coming out in less than 2 months, July 21, I have decided to read all the other books this summer in preparation for its release. I've read all the books, but out of order and not in the same time frame. and to those who think I cant read them all before the release... I should let you know that I read fast. really fast. really really fast. I'll be sure to pop in and give a little blurb on each book as I finish them.

  • Shoe Designers to watch:
    Carmen Ho's excellent unusual flats, Pierre Hardy's iconic heels, Rickard Shah's ladylike stilts and Loeffler Randall's bohemian luxe collection make their shoes standouts amongst the more pedestrian offerings of the more well-known houses. It seems that even shoes are in a race to decide whom is the victor in vanity.

  • Paris Hilton:
    Is she in? Is she out? I demand that the Simple Life producers get themselves in check and start making some calls to the warden. "The Simple Life" season 6 is already in production, toss Nicole Ritchie on the back of your vespa and grab a camcorder! Television gold is being wasted by the moment. Key scenes involving deliveries of cupcakes, a vietnamese manicurist and trunks from Kitson have already been missed!

  • Rothko record setting sale:
    A Rothko painting sold for $72.8 million dollars. Watch the bidding go up in increments of $1 million. ....whisper.

  • Spectacles:
    Not just for grandpa anymore! Check out these hand turned, individual, one-of-a-kind, handmade glasses offered by Urban Spectacles Absolutely amazing specimens of wearable art. I love how the thicker frames show off the wood grain, but the wayfarers made of out of old records are sublime.
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