28 June 2007

Alexander McQueen for MAC

Limited Edition run designed by Alexander MCQueen, inspired by his F/W 2007 collection. Packaging will be black with the MAC logo and Alexander McQueen's signature in gold across the top. Two all new products will debut, a new eyeliner, Kohl Power in three colors, black with green pearl, black with gold pearl and a rich black; and Paint Pots in royal blue, yellow green and seafoam blue. Other products in this collection will be a series of similar eyeshadows to the paint pots, a glowing bronze powder, gold and rose lipsticks and my favorite, two new lipglasses in pale pink pearl and white gold.

The Line will be on your local MAC counter on October 4.

I like the look of it, although it would have to be much de-dramatized for real life use. I wish I could be a futuristic Cleopatra everyday, but it's unlikely. Like the hat? I told you, hats are back!


McQueen said...

I have to wait until October?? Aww no fair. I can't wait. I can imagine it all and I'm drooling.

What a great pairing. My fave makeup and fave designer (well, equal with Jean Paul Gaultier).

Hard to tell for sure but from the descriptions sounds like some good smokey eye combos could be done with the range.

*walks away dreamily wiping drool with my MAC wipes and plotting how to make money to buy whole range*

McQueen said...

Ok I just read the colours properly and I take back the smokey eye comment.

Love bright eyes! Those colours sound beautiful.

glaceyeux said...

i think you can do bright eyes and smokey eyes with this collection. there's electric blue, seafoam AND black with gold pearl. that will be hot, i like the idea of slightly smudgey metallic black liner for winter.

and i'll def be in need of a makeup update for winter by oct.